Training Your New Puppy


One of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your new puppy is to train him.

Here on the website I walk you through the puppy USD-CHF training steps beginning with potty and crate training. Those two things are always #1 in training and the next complaint I hear most often is, “Our new puppy nips the kids.”  The solution to that is here too in the post “Puppies Bite; Teach Them Never to Bite Humans.”   As you train your puppy for a few minutes every day, you will develop a great relationship with your new puppy.

I begin with getting prepared for your new puppy and then move through the early weeks of fun training and building chart US Dollar/Japanese Yen a relationship. I help you  get started right away on training your new puppy to become a adult dog who is welcome anywhere.

Storytime is a growing collection of dog stories that I like to tell and hopefully will provide you with some lighter moments in your training program.

If you, like me, prefer to  have a book to hold with pages to turn, write on and add sticky notes to, why not order The Puppy Nanny’s Guide to Training Your Puppy right here on the site.

For quick internet info, do check the posts under 32 Steps. I’ll be adding to the posts from time to time.All the steps you need to train  your new puppy are right here.

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